Motivational Speaker

Influential Virtual Leadership

Leading teams virtually requires a plan of action that enables you, the leader, to keep the team focused on the vision, prevent miscommunication and project delays, build morale and camaraderie, and deliver higher levels of productivity. Learn the skills to have a daily and weekly plan of communication implementation so your team remains engaged and connected to you and your vision. Build a strong presence so others confidently follow your lead and know they are part of your community. Lead virtually in a vibrant, healthy, and supportive way.

Learning objectives: 
• Communicate more effectively with team members in an organized fashion
• Create processes and a structure to develop rapport and increase effective communication among team members
• Build confidence and commitment to being an effective virtual leader
• Determine how to look positive, confident, and engaging while speaking virtually

Charles P. “Chuck” Rettig
IRS Commissioner

Celebrating the IRS-Payroll Relationship: The Tax Challenges Ahead

The IRS, through its vast governance on matters related to tax administration and collection, has an enormous impact on the work of payroll professionals. Likewise, payroll professionals affect the work of the IRS because nearly 70% of federal government collections comes through payroll management. IRS Commissioner Charles P. “Chuck” Rettig will speak about issues that are important to the payroll community and the tax challenges ahead.

Learning objectives:
• Get the inside scoop on IRS initiatives that will impact payroll over the next few years
• Gain a better understanding of the relationship between payroll and the IRS
• Hear about the IRS’s modernization and reorganization efforts, inspired by the Taxpayers First Act 

An American Payroll Association and GPMI Collaboration